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In September 2014, VALCO launched an employee involvement programme for continuous improvement through solicitation of knowledge from employees so as to achieve benefits to improve the performance of the company.

This initiative, namely, System Improvement and Innovation SII is rounded on two pillars.

First, 'System Improvement' which is aimed at enhancement of existing processes as well as ensuring full compliance with current approved/documented processes.Second, 'Innovation' directed toward new development or creation of processes or products to generate savings.

The Table below shows the departmental distribution of Ideas Generation,Implementation,and Savings from inception to June 30,2015.
In May, 2015, the Aluminium Consulting Engineers made up of three ex-VALCO employees visited the plant to conduct a revaluation of VALCO's assets. Following their inspection of the facilities, they concluded that "clearly standards set by Kaiser have been well preserved, maintained and further improved." Nonetheless, they indicated that there are enormous opportunities for system improvements that will make the smelter, operating at full capacity to become more competitive and profitable.

Under the SII, employees are involved in working to improve on the effectiveness of existing Business Systems as well as ensure full compliance.We need more system improvements and innovative ideas if we are to meet our business objectives.

Every employee needs to contribute to increase the savings under the current financial conditions. It can be as simple as looking at your own work and identifying practices or procedures that can be waste of time and money. Improving our area and the financial performance of the organization is everyone's responsibility.


Employee Continuous Improvement Engagement


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