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VALCO has in place a Safety Policy that establishes the health and safety philosophy by which the plant is operated. The objective of this policy is to provide an organized method for the control of hazards, which may be encountered in the course of production, and shipment of aluminium.

Under the policy, VALCO management develops and implements programmes to ensure:

  •  The provision and maintenance of safe and healthy work environment
  •  Availability of safe work practices and trained employees to follow the practices.
  •  Monitoring of safety management systems and employees behaviour to identify and control lapses.

Safety Policies and procedures are specified in a Safety Manual for the development of all safety programmes. We have a Safety and Health Department whose staff have the responsibility of developing, monitoring and updating safety programmes from time to time to support the organization and other departments as needed to ensure their effective implementation.

Implementation of the Safety and Health Programmes is the responsibility of the line organisation in the same way as in production. Lines of authority and responsibility of supervision are maintained at all levels to:

  • Keep direct responsibility for Safety at the management level
  • Reinforce the overall managerial authority of line management and to avoid undermining of the authority
  • Assure more ready compliance with safety orders.

It is the responsibility of each manager to see that each employee under his supervision is supplied the knowledge and training in the skills required to recognize, understand and control the hazards in his job. Managers and Department Heads also ensure that they meet all their safety responsibilities.

The overall policy-making body as far as VALCO Safety is concerned is an Executive Safety Committee which is chaired by the Managing Director himself and composed by all the Department Directors and relevant staff managers.

Safety programmes in Valco include but not limited to the following organizational approaches and methods:

  •  Relevant standing and Ad-hoc sub-committee meetings
  •  Safety Manual
  •  Safety Coordinator and Departmental Safety Programmes
  •  Housekeeping and Hazard Survey
  •  Safety training and interest motivation
  •  Provision and Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment
  •  Hazard Control
  •  Job Safety Analysis and Safe Practices
  •  Employee Behaviour Observation
  •  Other Management Safety Systems.
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