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Ghana's aluminium industry was conceived at the inception of the newly independent country to be an integrated industrial value chain to catalyze a reorientation of the economic structure from primary commodity exports to an industrialized value-added production system. However, the prevailing structure of the domestic industry only contained elements of the inception thinking, with little integration in the value chain from the smelter, or into and with the national economy. Thus, in spite of huge bauxite deposits in Ghana VALCO imports alumina for processing into aluminium. Over time work has been done to follow through the original vision of establishing that integration. This would ensure that bauxite reserves at Nyinahin and Kibi in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions of Ghana are secured to provide the basis for the Integrated Aluminium Industry (IAllis ongoing.

The Aluminium Value Chain

The VALCO Smelter which processes alumina into primary aluminium will under the IAI provide market for the development of the upstream industry and also serve as supplier of raw materials to feed the growing downstream industries. The downstream is involved in manufacturing automotive and aerospace parts, aluminium cables for the electric power industry, aluminium roofing sheets, cladding and other structural parts for the building and construction industry, and containers and cans for the food and beverages industry.

The mine and refinery will be the resultant development that will be seen in Ghana's roads and rail network refurbishment and expansion to ease transportation between the major components of the IAI and also facilitate the movement of goods and people to aid trade and commerce. The IAI would reap enormous socio-economic benefits to Ghana with revenue estimates at the end of the value chain standing at about US$1.05 trillion and creating over 2.3 million meaningful and sustainable jobs for the people of Ghana.


Anchoring the Ghana IAI

The attainment of the full ownership of the VALCO Smelter by the Government of Ghana (GoG) in June 2008 necessitated the redefining of VALCO's role in Ghana's aluminium-based integrated industrial development strategy. This strategy is predicated on the fact that with Ghana now owning the Smelter, coupled with the positive confluence of natural resources in bauxite, salt, limestone and hydrocarbon, the country is positioned for a paradigm shift in industrial initiative.

Participation in the Downstream

VALCO is working assiduously to get involved in the downstream activities so as to add value to the aluminium it produces. The benefit of this participation is essentially to help protect it from the cyclical market ft.uctuations in the price of aluminium on the London Metal Exchange (LME). It will also be in line with Ghana's effort to adding value to its embedded natural resources and generating additional foreign exchange.
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