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  1. A first world industrial estate (Aluminium Smelter) in a developing country.
  2. Rated Capacity: VALCO has a rated capacity of 200,000 metric tonnes (MT) of primary aluminium annually and is currently operating 20% of that
  3. To build a facility of this size and capacity today will cost $1.2 billion
  4. Ownership: VALCO is a limited liability company owned by the Government of Ghana.
  5. VALCO Land Area: The total land area occupied by VALCO is approximately 600 acres
  6. Akosombo Dam: VALCO gave the economic justification for the building of the Akosombo Dam
  7. Departments: Cell Lines – Electrolytic reduction of alumina into molten aluminium metal; Carbon Operations – Manufacture of carbon anodes for use in the Cell Lines; Cast House – Casts molten aluminium from Cell Lines into final products. The rest of the Departments are Human Resource/ Administration; Docks, Engineering/Maintenance; Finance and Commerce and Technical.
  8. Products: Sows, Pigs, Rolling Ingots, Extrusion Billets
  9. Markets: Hot (molten) metal to Aluworks, Western Rod & Wire, etc. to service all the needs of the local market. The balanced is converted into value-added products like Extrusion Billets, Rolling Ingots, etc. for export.
  10. Power Consumption: VALCO currently consumes about 3.5% of total power generated
  11. Power Cost: Power is about 34% of total operational cost at five (5) cents/kwh.
  12. Employment Generating Capacity: the VALCO Plant has the capacity to employ directly, over 1,200 Ghanaians. Currently at 20% operating capacity, it has directly employed 574 Ghanaians
  13. Safety: World-class excellence in safety programming and performance.
  14. VALCO is a virtual University: Expertise Sharing in World-class standards in the Areas of - Safety, Work Ethics, Procurement and Warehousing,Organizational Management and Engineering/Maintenance
  15. Integrated Aluminium Industry: VALCO is a critical vehicle for the realization of Ghana’s vision of an integrated aluminium industry.
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Office Location

Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO)
Heavy Industrial Area,Tema, Ghana
Phone: +233-302208787