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Since the resumption of plant operations in 2010, the repair works on cylinders have been a challenge due mainly to the shortage of skilled labour and the work load at the Mechanical Shop. To cope with this situation, the DEM department outsourced the repair of the cylinders for the crust breakers and the ECL cranes.

However, under the watchful eyes of a training instructor and the Assistant Manager of the Mechanical Shop, the DEM department started repairing the crust breaker cylinders and pallet carriers in-house with the DEM trainees as part of the SII programme.

Apart from the significant cost savings accrued to the plant through this practice, it also afforded the department the opportunity to expose these trainees to hands-on training and real world field maintenance conditions. This has an additional advantage of boosting their confidence on the job, a quality required by every maintenance man. The quality of the repairs is also guaranteed since the repair process was under the supervision of the training instructor and the Mechanical Shop Assistant Manager.

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