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The implementation of 18 out of the 23 ideas generated by the Carbon Operations Department have realized a total direct cost of $21,291 per month

In normal firing operation, three elements, namely fuel (RFO), oxygen (Draft/Air) and heat must be present in their right proportions for effective combustion to take place. Thus, to ensure that the draft is present in the right proportion, care must be taken to guard against infiltration of excess air from the surrounding atmosphere into the combustion chamber of the baking furnace.

This is where an innovative idea emerged; the blanketing of the second green section ahead of each operating fire to prevent the infiltration of excess air into the flues with the attendant benefit of enhancing combustion and reducing consumption of fuel. Prior to this, only the first green section was blanketed.

Figure 1 shows a thermocouple planted in the peephole of one of the baking sections using a Kaowool Insert. This idea was introduced by Albert. K. Sam, one of the experienced Fire Men at Carbon Bake. Since implementing this idea, thermocouple usage rate has reduced by about 8 pieces per month resulting in an average monthly savings of $2,028.

Figure 2 shows a sow mold partitioned with a thick steel plate and lined with castable refractory. The implementation of this idea has resulted in a monthly average savings of $6,700 in repairs.

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