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KEY FACTS - A first world industrial estate (Aluminium Smelter) in a developing countryRead More..

valco3VALCO continues to play key role in the efforts of the Ghana Government to develop an Integrated Aluminium Industry (IAI) in Ghana. Using VALCO as the anchor of the IAI Project, Ghana is set to add value to its over 700 million metric tons of bauxite deposits in the country at Kibi and Nyinahin to generate over USD1.05 trillion and create about 2.3 million good and sustainable jobs. A study into the viability of the VALCO Smelter confirmed that VALCO, properly mainstreamed into Ghana's development agenda, will serve as the veritable Anchor of Ghana's Integrated Aluminium Industry.

VALCO is currently the live wire of the downstream aluminium industry in Ghana through metal supplies, with its associated employment benefits. In addition, VALCO is being positioned to host an expected growth of the aluminium downstream industry in Ghana.

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Latest News

  • 30
    Oct '15

    Technical Department Makes Savings In Cell Lines,Carbon Operations And The Chemical Laboratory

    The Technical Department's core drilling machine is obsolete. The lowest price for a modern replacement motor was given as $4642. The Process Control Carbon Assistant Manager held series of discussions with the Assistant Manager for Motor Rewind Shop and his Technicians to explore the possibility of rewinding these small motors.

  • 30
    Oct '15

    Cell Lines Motorises German Burn-Off Puller

    For close to 40 years, Cell Lines has been using the manual German burn-off puller equipment until recently when the team decided to challenge itself as part of the Plant's innovation drive. The Department came up with the idea of motorized puller in order to be efficient and safe in its operation.

  • 30
    Oct '15

    Finance Department Automates Expense Advance System

    Currently, twenty-nine (29) ideas have been generated in the Finance Department under the SII programme. Nine (9) ideas have been considered for implementation and the remainder are under review. So far, two (2) ideas; Automation of Expense Advance Request/ Expense Accounting, Payment of monthly Vodafone bills and Vendor Payment Processing have been implemented to improve efficiency and save cost of paper work.

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Office Location

Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO)
Heavy Industrial Area,Tema, Ghana
Phone: +233-302208787